Product No : VALVE-LIFTER
    Product Introduction


    Quality Guarantee

    • Quality objective: Zero defect
    • Development Course of Quality System
    • Environmental Assurance Certification
    • ISO 9002 in 1999 →SGS QS9000 in 2001 →SGS TS16949 in 2004
    • CQC ISO14001 in 2008

    Quality Inspection

    Quality Control Department consists of a precision inspection room, a purchased component Inspection station, a physical and chemical laboratory, a cleanness laboratory, a measuring room, site quality control station, and a chief inspection, and equips with over 100 inspection instruments, such as three coordinate measuring instruments, cylindricity measuring instruments, 3D digital Projectors, tensile testing machines, rough meters and profile projectors guaranteeing the product quality.

    Test Identification Ability

    Product laboratory: Equip with many test equipment, able to finish performance test of complete series products, reliable test, dynamic design lab of valve actuating mechanism, performance test of the complete machine of engines, performance matching test of part installation of engines, part action work durance test, etc., with the ability of independent R&D test equipment.

    Production Assurance

    Hydraulic Tappet Grinding Line

    Mechanic Tappet Processing Line

    Hydraulic Tappet Assembly Line

    All of our tappet & hyd.lifter product range

    ALFA ROMEO TC108 D21.4,H68 5233315 TC1117 D12,H37 640016 TC283 D30,H75.5  
    TC101A D35,H26 034109309N TC120 D21.4,H56.7 17120070 TC1124 D21,H56.6 5984255 GM
    TC104 D33,H26 9134420 TC130 D21.4,H50.8 5232450 TC201 D44,H32.3 4733350 TC106 D21.4,H50.8 13750-71010
    TC126 D33,H26 46465330 TC135 D21.4,H50.8 5231430 TC208 D38,H32.8 91513983 TC108 D21.4,H68 5233315
    TC152 D33,H24 LGR100100L TC145 D21.4,H50.8 5231475 TC225 D23.8,H54 5921764 TC110 D14,H42.5 4647199
    TC157 D33,H24.3 60507563 TC166 D21.4,H50.8 5234150 TC248 D35,H29 59242273 TC120 D21.4,H56.7 17120070
    TC1117 D12,H37 640016 TC170 D21.4,H66.3 93433794 TC251 D35,H28.5 056109309A TC123 D32,H26 90353157
    TC251 D35,H28.5 056109309A TC176 D21.4,H57 17120061 TC2105 D35,H29.2 96027105 TC127 D32,H26 90570967
    AUDI TC181 D31,H26 17106263 TC2106 D37,H30.5 4152447 TC130 D21.4,H50.8 5232450
    TC101A D35,H26 034109309N TC1101 D21.4,H50.8   TC2116 D26,H67 4689881 TC141 D21.4,H50.8 5232720
    TC101B D35,H26 O38109309 TC1119 D21.4,H50.8 5232510 TC2117 D27,H54 4753580 TC145 D21.4,H50.8 5231475
    TC101C D35,H26 050109309A TC272 D21.4,H50.8 5232550 FORD TC158 D32,H26 96376400
    TC101D D35,H26   CHRYSLER TC101A D35,H26 034109309N TC166 D21.4,H50.8 5234150
    TC102 D33.5,H26 058109309E TC107 D13,H25.6 MD151382 TC101B D35,H26 O38109309 TC170 D21.4,H66.3 93433794
    TC103 D24,H24 058109309F TC109 D13,H25.6 MD339767 TC101C D35,H26 050109309A TC173 D12,H34.1 036109423A
    TC122 D28.4,H26 6902034 TC114 D23,H48.3 4049338 TC108 D21.4,H68 5233315 TC176 D21.4,H57 17120061
    TC125 D33,H24 077109309G TC115 D15.9,H51.6 4105348 TC112 D22.2,H49.4 89BM6500A TC188 D21.4,H66.1  
    TC127 D32,H26 90570967 TC136 D23,H47 3190935 TC116 D22.2,H49.7 81SM6500D1K TC1113 D21.4,H50.8  
    TC131 D31,H26 036109309D TC150 D15.9,H54.1 MD337687 TC118 D22.2,H50.6   TC1119 D21.4,H50.8 5232510
    TC152 D33,H24 9357716 TC168 D23,H66   TC119 D22.2,H46.7   TC1126 D21.4,H66.1  
    TC157 D33,H24.3 60810675 TC171 D23,H66.3 4387677 TC121 D21.4,H75 672E6501AA TC272 D21.4,H50.8 5232550
    TC173 D12,H34.1 036109423A TC177 D15.9,H48 4667140 TC122 D28.4,H26 938M6500A2E HINO
    TC175 D12,H34.7 059109521C TC1116 D23,H46.5   TC124 D30,H27 96XM6500AA TC256 D27,H37 13751-1332
    TC1106 D24,H50.6 22109309 TC1122 D23,H66.2 4387682 TC132 D12,H20.3 E92Z6C501B TC2114 D32,H54 13751-1340
    TC1107 D12,H34.5 022109423A TC1125 D12,H42 4663985 TC134 D21.4,H50.8   TCUNDAI
    TC234 D35,H28.4 056109311A TC274 D30,H75.3 2236812 TC137 D22.2,H50.5   TC107 D13,H25.6 MD151382
    TC251 D35,H28.5 056109309A CUMMINS TC138 D22.2,H46.4   TC109 D13,H25.6 MD339767
    BUICK TC210 D30.1,H60 2RK109309 TC144 D22.2,H47 C4TZ6500A TC132 D12,H20.3 24610-22600
    TC101A D35,H26 034109309N TC223 D38,H72 Z61500050032 TC147 D30,H24 OK01G12101A TC139 D40,H36 6010500080
    TC108 D21.4,H68 5233315 TC241 D30,H60 3907240 TC149 D22.2,H46.5 85TM6500AB TC150 D15.9,H54.1 MD337687
    TC120 D21.4,H56.7 17120070 DAEWOO TC154 D23,H47   TC153 D30,H26 24610-22000
    TC127 D32,H26 90570967 TC108 D21.4,H68 5233315 TC155 D22.2,H50.5 C40E6500A TC156 D35,H24 1190500325
    TC135 D21.4,H50.8 5231430 TC127 D32,H26 90570967 TC159 D16,H51.1 F67J6C501AA TC160 D33,H26 13230AA153
    TC158 D32,H26 96376400 TC129 D21.4,H50.8 5231970 TC167 D22.2,H63.8 F2SE6500AA TC175 D12,H34.7 059109521C
    TC166 D21.4,H50.8 5234150 TC130 D21.4,H50.8 5232450 TC172 D22.2,H49.5 E9EE6500A2A TC1107 D12,H34.5 022109423A
    TC170 D21.4,H66.3 93433794 TC158 D32,H26 96376400 TC174 D21.4,H75.8   TC250 D35,H28.4 OK77012431C
    TC1119 D21.4,H50.8 5232510 FIAT TC175 D12,H34.7 059109521C IVECO
    BMW TC108 D21.4,H68 5233315 TC178 D13,H39.3 XS6E6C501AC TC110 D14,H42.5 4647199
    TC101A D35,H26 034109309N TC110 D14,H42.5 4647199 TC199 D42,H34 88WM6500A1G TC122 D28.4,H26 6902034
    TC125 D33,H24 11321748881 TC122 D28.4,H26 6902034 TC1107 D12,H34.5 022109423A TC126 D33,H26 46465330
    TC142 D35,H24 LGR100340 TC126 D33,H26 46465330 TC1110 D30,H27 96XM6500AA TC133 D15,H43.5 93013372
    TC182 D16,H48.5 11331247054 TC128 D28.4,H26 96212525 TC1115 D22.2,H50.8   TC143 D12,H27.7 46427282
    TC192 D16,H48.7 11331721698 TC133 D15,H43.5 93013372 TC1120 D22.2,H55 F0TZ6500AR TC148 D28.4,H26 46448011
    TC193 D35,H26 11321739299 TC143 D12,H27.7 46427282 TC1143 D16,H51 97JM6C501AB TC152 D33,H24 64613078
    TC194 D16,H49   TC148 D28.4,H26 46448011 TC210 D30.1,H60 2RK109309 TC175 D12,H34.7 059109521C
    TC1107 D12,H34.5 022109423A TC152 D32,H24 60812654 TC222 D31.3,H52.5 C5NE6500CZ TC196 D32,H26 96242224
    TC236 D37.4,H26 11331403859 TC157 D33,H24.3 60810675 TC251 D35,H28.5 056109309A TC201 D44,H32.3 4733350
    CHEVROLET TC175 D12,H34.7 059109521C TC273 D28.5,H62   TC208 D38,H32.8 91513983
    TC101A D35,H26 034109309N TC1107 D12,H34.5 022109423A TC276 D22.2,H50.8 D1ZX6500BA TC2117 D27,H54 4753580
    LADA TC127 D32,H26 640003 TC101A D35,H26 034109309N TC131 D31,H26 036109309D
    TC124 D30,H27 2112-1007300 TC129 D21.4,H50.8 5231970 TC101B D35,H26 O38109309 TC179 D35,H26 9180681
    TC1136 D32,H26 90353157 TC158 D32,H26 96376400 TC101C D35,H26 050109309A TC1103 D14,H44.8 MD376687
    MERCEDES-BENZ TC173 D12,H34.1 036109423A TC101D D35,H26   TC1107 D12,H34.5 022109423A
    TC133 D15,H43.5 93013372 TC175 D12,H34.7 059109521C TC102 D33.5,H26 058109309E TC209 D35,H66.2 131 105
    TC139 D40,H36 6010500080 TC181 D31,H26 94380758 TC103 D24,H24 058109309F TC211 D36,H72 424352
    TC140 D14,H29.6 1030500080 TC193 D35,H26 640001 TC131 D31,H26 036109309D TC251 D35,H28.5 056109309A
    TC156 D35,H24 1190500325 TC195 D21.4,H50 640049 TC175 D12,H34.7 059109521C TC261 D39,H105.5 1556947
    TC175 D12,H34.7 059109521C TC1107 D12,H34.5 022109423A TC179 D35,H26 9180681 TC288 D36,H72 98050900
    TC1107 D12,H34.5 022109423A TC1108 D32,H26 640004 TC1106 D24,H50.6 22109309 TC292 D36,H72 1545539
    TC208 D38,H32.8 91513983 TC1117 D12,H37 640016 TC1107 D12,H34.5 022109423A TC293 D35,H70.5  
    TC211 D36,H72 479031 TC1136 D32,H26 640005 TC213 D31,H55.1 TAE109309 TC2113 D31,H68 421067-0
    TC212 D34,H69.8 3450547001 PEUGEOTSKODA TC2154 D31.3,H69 421067
    TC215 D28,H60.2 3520540501 TC122 D28.4,H26 6902034 TC101A D35,H26 034109309N VOLKSWAGEN
    TC216 D32,H55 3270540101 TC127 D32,H26 90570967 TC101B D35,H26 O38109309 TC101A D35,H26 034109309N
    TC218 D31.3,H76.8 4030540801 TC128 D28.4,H26 96212525 TC101C D35,H26 050109309A TC101B D35,H26 O38109309
    TC266 D32.3,H76 51043010110 TC133 D15,H43.5 93013372 TC101D D35,H26   TC101C D35,H26 050109309A
    TC267 D30,H74.8 5410500722 TC175 D12,H34.7 059109521C TC102 D33.5,H26 058109309E TC101D D35,H26  
    MITSUBISHI TC179 D35,H26 96230951 TC103 D24,H24 058109309F TC102 D33.5,H26 058109309E
    TC107 D13,H25.6 MD151382 TC196 D32,H26 96242224 TC125 D33,H24 077109309G TC103 D24,H24 058109309F
    TC109 D13,H25.6 MD339767 TC1107 D12,H34.5 022109423A TC175 D12,H34.7 059109521C TC125 D33,H24 077109309G
    TC150 D15.9,H54.1 MD337687 TC208 D38,H32.8 91513983 TC1106 D24,H50.6 22109309 TC131 D31,H26 036109309D
    TC1103 D14,H44.8 MD376687 TC240 D24,H48 94213 TC1107 D12,H34.5 022109423A TC156 D35,H24 00A109309
    TC242 D40,H30 ME200089 TC2105 D35,H29.2 96027105 TC244 D21,H44 47109311 TC165 D35,H27  
    MAZDAPORSCHETOYOTA TC173 D12,H34.1 036109423A
    TC121 D21.4,H75 672E6501AA TC125 D33,H24 077109309G TC106 D21.4,H50.8 13750-71010 TC175 D12,H34.7 059109521C
    TC132 D12,H20.3 JFY112100 TC161 D33,H24 99610504191 TC129 D21.4,H50.8 5231970 TC1106 D24,H50.6 22109309
    TC147 D30,H24 OK01G12101A RENAULT TC151 D20,H64.6 13750-70010 TC1107 D12,H34.5 022109423A
    TC159 D16,H51.1 F67J6C501AA TC104 D33,H26 9134420 TC197 D20,H64   TC1136 D32,H26 O3G109411B
    TC160 D33,H26 KL3112101 TC110 D14,H42.5 4647199 TC202 D38,H23 13751-64011 TC207 D28.4,H52.5 113109309
    TC167 D22.2,H63.8 F2SE6500AA TC122 D28.4,H26 6902034 TC203 D34,H26.7 13751-66020 TC213 D31,H55.1 TAE109309
    TC181 D31,H26 1289186521 TC128 D28.4,H26 96212525 TC204 D31,H24.5 13751-74020 TC217 D27,H50  
    TC2112 D35,H28.5 RF0112431B TC189 D12,H39.2   TC205 D31,H24.5   TC234 D35,H28.4 056109311A
    NISSAN TC206 D35,H26.3 7700100939 TC226 D28,H22.2 2131736 TC251 D35,H28.5 056109309A
    TC111 D25.3,H48.6 13231V5005 TC219 D35,H28.6 7700716248 TC243 D41,H25 13751-54010 KIA
    TC117 D17,H45.6 13231-53J01 TC220 D19,H33.8 7700690122 TC257 D27,H65.6 13750-58011 TC125 D33,H24 0K95K12101A
    TC124 D30,H27 13257-84A10 ROVER TC258 D24,H48.1 13751-56012 TC132 D12,H20.3 JFY112100
    TC164 D11.2,H25   TC101A D35,H26 034109309N TC259 D27,H48 13751-56020 TC147 D30,H24 OK01G12101A
    TC180 D35,H27 13231-40L05 TC104 D33,H26 ADU9130 TC263 D22.1,H46 13751-44030 TC150 D15.9,H54.1 2461033050
    TC1136 D32,H26 O3G109411B TC125 D33,H24 LGR100300 TC264 D31,H25.5 13751-22310 TC152 D33,H24 0K01312101
    TC221 D25,H44.5 1323143G00 TC126 D33,H26 46465330 TC282 D21.4,H46 13751-61020 TC153 D30,H26 2461022000
    TC249 D35,H29 13231-3C900 TC129 D21.4,H50.8 5231970 TC295 D28,H22.2 13751-16010 TC162 D30,H24 OK20312101
    TC255 D26,H44.5 13231-54T02 TC142 D35,H24 LGR100340 TC2147 D20,H44.8 13751-22014 TC227 D25.5,H57 006361243A
    TC280 D34.5,H30.5   TC152 D33,H24 60513941 TC2149 D25.2,H58        
    OPEL TC157 D33,H24.3 60507563 TC2151 D22.2,H46 13751-61010      
    TC101A D35,H26 034109309N TC175 D12,H34.7 059109521C TC2152 D35,H67.5 ME061021      
    TC108 D21.4,H68 5233315 TC1107 D12,H34.5 022109423A VOLVO      
    TC123 D32,H26 640058 TC1136 D32,H26 ERR7234 TC101A D35,H26 034109309N      
    TC125 D33,H24 077109309H SEAT TC101C D35,H26 050109309A      




    Operation Manual

    This operation manual can guide you to use our products correctly, please pay attention to following items:

    1. While in transportation and warehousing, the part can’t be placed upside down for a long time. It should be straight up to avoid internal oil leaking.
    2. It should be very clean for engine installation.(Engine oil should be also clean and meet to requirements)
    3. Before installing into engine, its working face can’t be any scratches.
    4. Storage: In room, normal atmospheric temperature between 15℃ and 25℃,and relative humidity (≤85%) , there should be no corrosive gas in the air.
    5. Storage life: One year starting from leaving factory. Readopt rust-preventing measure once exceeding deadline (Reference: Use Gasoline to clean the parts and then coat engine oil).
    6. If you meet some noise problems after installing tappets into engine at engine continual starting conditions, at low temperatures, or initial using conditions. Please read following steps which can make engine work normally again.
      Step 1: Engine work at low speed (700~1000/rpm)for 3~5 minutes.
      Step 2: Engine work at high speed (2500~3000 rpm/minute) for 30 seconds in neutral position.
      Step 3: After Step 1,2, 80% noise can be eliminate. If not, please repeat Step 1 & Step 2.
      Notes: Sometimes, you should repeat step 1 &2 for more than 5 times. If after 6 times, the noise also exist, please change a new tappet.
    7. Before installing new tappet, please be sure to change clean engine oil and new oil filter.

    Our suggestions:

    1. Customers can't be easy to inspect the clearance between body and piston, because it is only 0.005~0.009mm.
    2. It is easy to check with a finger to press tappet head center, if you feel steadiness, the part is OK. If you can press easily ("soft"), the part is defect. Reasons for soft: Air is entered into tappet inside. At this time, you should clean the tappet with gasoline, and install it into engine. Then you start engine, run 4-5 minutes at idle speed and middle speed. The soft problem (abnormal noise in the engine) can be eliminated. If the problem is also exist, please send the part back to Installation diagram.